Tc Morgan is an award winning professional photographer. He is professional & respectful in working with models, clients, & life in general. He has been involved with photography in one way or another for his whole life. Coming from a photographic family it was normal to take lots of pictures. His classic photographic schooling started back in the film & darkroom days. First attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in high school. And a few years later Tc was awarded a California arts scholarship to CalArts | California Institute of the Arts. Tc later went on to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.
From a young age Tc got involved with programming & web development. Started his first company at the age of 16. And was quickly swept up in the whole dot com boom. Working with companies like Cisco Systems on multi-million dollar websites. But all along his creative passion for digital art & photography remained. And he would work on his creative projects whenever he had time.
After the dot com bubble, Tc went on to create his own clothing labels. Selling branded t-shirts, hoodies, & caps worldwide. Even having his own branded toy h3t hummer trucks sold in walmart & other big box stores.
But all along Tc's passion for photography only grew stronger. Shooting models for his clothing brands was quickly becoming not enough as he grew out of sitting in front of a computer all day programming websites & doing graphic design. Photography has always been his true passion waiting to fully manifest into his being. That brings us to the present where Tc has been refining his craft. Spending all day everyday studying all the newest advancements & technics of photography in the year 2012. Using all his experience & schooling of the past to move his work to the next level. Capturing images that connect with the viewer at the soul level.


My grandfather (Gilbert Morgan, a pioneer in the miniature-camera field) started Morgan Camera Shop in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd near Vine circa 1932. He lived across the street from Walt Disney in Hollywood. My father played with the Disney kids. Ansel Adams was a customer & friend of the family. Morgan & Morgan Press, published many Ansel Adams titles.

My great aunt the late great Barbara Morgan you can google her if you haven't heard of her. She is famous for her dance photography of Martha Graham. In 1952, Barbara Morgan founded Aperture Magazine with Adams, Lange, White and the Newhalls. Short url to her wikipedia

My great uncle Willard D. Morgan was instrumental in introducing the first 35mm camera in the US. He was an early director of photography at MOMA. He was also a writer & editor of technical publications on photography (from the Leica Manual, to Ansel Adams’ Basic Photo Series, Encyclopedia of Photography, to Encyclopædia Britannica), & was a photo editor at LIFE & later a photo editor at Look.


I read the manuals & stuff like that. Words...

Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA
CalArts | California Institute of the Arts. (California Arts Scholarship)
Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA

At age 16 I worked with a professional photographer as an assistant. Shooting high school proms, yearbook photos, as well as senior portraits. At the same time I also spent a few years working at a local camera shop (passport photos). As well as shooting sports games for my high school newspaper / yearbook.

I have shot everything from products, bands, artists, models, dancers, events, private parties, fashion shows, hollywood nightclubs, limo parties, & more...

Recently I have been shooting animals & macro photography. Some of which have been published in blogs & newspapers. I'm a Getty Images Artist as well as winning awards & contests.

2013 calendars of my animal & macro photography @


I drink water from wine glasses, because champagne flutes don't hold enough. Not fond of paper plates. Forks over knifes, spoons annoy me. I eat like I shoot RAW Organic. I am interested in high fashion. I practice meditation. My house is surrounded by attack Alpacas & Llamas. I love water. Eagle scout of the year.